Plein Air Pottery Camp 2020 at EK Studio!

Farm Animals

EK Studio is located on a working farm with various animals. EK studio is not responsible for any adverse allergic reactions because of these animals. Campers will be in the far vicinity of: chicken, horses, cats, dogs, donkeys, sheep, goats, guineas fowl, and pigs. Campers will not have any workshops/activities that require touching these animals.

Nut-Free Zone

All pottery camps are a nut-free zone. Many children have allergies to nuts. For the safety of all campers, please do not pack your child any nuts or nut products. All products containing nuts will be confiscated.

Not a licensed Daycare facility

EK Studio’s Plein Air Pottery Camps are not a licensed or quality rated daycare through Georgia Bright From the Start. EK Studio is an insured individual business. 

Kiln Firing and Processes

Pottery requires a drying and firing process. This can take up to two weeks to complete. You will be responsible to pick up your child’s pieces after the duration of the registered camp is completed. Your child will NOT be allowed to touch any kiln whether in firing process or not.

With any additional questions regarding this paperwork or any other administrative questions, please contact Audrey Morris at or 615-406-3530. 

We are going paperlessplease read the release of liability and hold harmless.

After you have read please state on the from that you have read and agree to all of the information listed. 

Please fill out the form below before your first day

of camp or class.